Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am so confused

Ok, so i think that apparently daylight savings have ended acording to my computer but my friend just said that its been pushed back a week so i dont know who to believe. wait ill google it. still waiting for the page to load. still waiting. oh ok. my computer is WRONG. now im going to be oh so confused. :(. but i dont want to change it cause then i will have to change it again and who wants that much effort? but anyway. Right now i am so bored that i want to scream. Hey what do you know, i just screamed. gah. there is nothing on tv there is nothing to do youtube is annoying me and not displaying new comments and no one has posted new videos i am actually going to run into a wall just so that something will happen but hey now im writing a blog and not putting in oh my god i cant even remember what they are called stupid school never teaching me anything you know the dot at the end of sentances it has a name im drawing a blank one of these: .

oh damn, i used one.

p.s i just remembered that they are called full stops. im such an idiot.


Chrisontv88 said...

Yes indeed you are stupid and now I'm confused as well.

Josh said...

so i'm not on drugs, i actually did see my computer change it back an hour. Thought i was going crazy..