Saturday, March 22, 2008

yes. two in a row

bonjour mes amis!

What have i done today? well, i actually forgot that i made a blogger thing, and only remembered about 3 minutes ago, so i was like, hey, better make a blog! So yes, well today i went with my mother, two uncles (who are brothers, and both with the name Max. Yes it would seem confusing, but their Italian names are Mosimo and Mossimilliano [i think they are spelt like that] and they both shorten to Max in enligh) and my little cousin Ben, and we all went down to the dodgy part of Melbourne to go to the mediteranian grocery store. Which is pretty much an italian supermarket, and have the best food. Oh, i didnt mention the best part! I drove there yay! Well, half way there, cause mum is paranoide and she doesnt like that she has to be the licensed driver who has to be in the car at all times. Anyway, if i was living in America, i would most likely have my full license and a car right now, but no, Australia has the stupid rule that we have to be 18 to have our P's. and even then its not a full license. So, im on my L's, and ive done 1 hour and 50 minutes, so i have like 117 hours to go. Another stupid Australian rule, student drivers have to get a minimim of 120 hours before they can get their licence, and have to keep a log book recording their times etc. not much fun. So anyway, i was at the supermarket for a while, and then i went home and watched Girls of the Playboy mansion lol. Marathon!! wooot. okes so im going now cause i cbfed thinking of more stuff to write, plus ive got to make the little picture that will appear at the top of this post. yes.

Ta ta



Chris said...

Haha, sounds like you had a blast liv! you + driving = oooo dear:P

just kidding ;)

i have a blog now to haha!



Chrisontv88 said...

Wow other Chris got here first ... damn him ... I love that I missed out on that little 120 hours rule and I can drive whenever I want ahhh its lovely.

Chris said...

Lol! Chris, yes there are many many chris's :P

imma liking this blog idea!

Nick - Trends lead said...

Ah, I remember the days of having to fill my required 30 hours of driving practice with my mom before I could have my real driving test and get my license... Sounds though you have to do more practicing than I did!