Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this blog is untitled

It's untitled not because I'm going to talk about a controversial issue, which is what I usually notice are untitled (I could, but honestly I can't be bothered. Unless someone wants to give me a topic? That might be fun) but because I can't think of a title for a blog that will probably be mundane and totally irrelevant to anything of importance. Mainly I would rather just like to continue updating this frequently, I am actually doing a pretty good job of that, right? Yeah. Yay me.

So yesterday I met up with some lovely youtubers of the names
Mitto and Rohan. It was fun - a day better spent talking about youtube and books and random fun things. There was a video taken. We talk about possibly whoring ourselves out to Donut King. Yay. Of course these two are not irrelevant. They are of course very relevant. And very nice. =]

Today was a boring day for me, bought a new dress and totally embarrassed myself in a fish and chip shop. I tripped over and dropped tomato sauce over people. Yeah. But, I'm way too used to be a clutz to let it get to me... (i wanted to go and wait in the car to stop people looking at me but my step-dad told me i have to face the angry people and not be a silly little girl =[ )

One more day and then i get to go hommmmmmee!!!!! omg. so happy =D QLD is fun but i miss the coldness and busyness of Victoria


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