Thursday, September 25, 2008

lolz and cringe moments

What will be in a video to come, today Mitto and I discovered that together we tend to take the simplest conversations and then adapt normal situations, making them sound very very wrong. What fun we have.

In other news, I am going home TOMORROW. yayayayayayayayay. Hopefully we won't be stuck at the airport longer than the actual duration of the flight this time. That would be nice. If that's the case and our flight is delayed, then I am going to be incredibly grumpy as the airport at the Gold Coast doesn't exactly have a nice little lounge with free food/wireless. It's more of a big room with rows and rows of blue upholstered chairs and screaming snotty nosed children abusing their parents. I have my reasons for not liking that airport. Oh look, here comes a story.

Last time I was up at the Gold Coast, which was January I think, my mother, sister and I were having a small lunch to pass time while waiting for our flight. There was little choice of restaurants, two little cafes to be exact. Choosing the one that seemed more appealing (we were so wrong), we went over and ordered at the cramped counter. I chose some sort of "fresh" sandwich from the fridge. After eating half of said sandwich, I took a bite of the second half, and felt something crunch. Looking down, I realized to my horror that there was a SPIDER stuck between the lettuce and chicken. As you can imagine, with my being a girl, and not being all too friendly with spiders, I screamed and then went on to say "ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew..." The only good thing we got out of this experience was a full refund and choice of anything free from the cafe. I chose packeted goods, not wanting anything "fresh". Urgh. Spiders taste disgusting by the way.

As you can see I'm being a very good girl and updating my blogs regularly. I've recently changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox because Explorer has crashed on me for the last time. And now I have Blogger right up there, bookmarked so it's always there, taunting me, wanting me to write another blog. Hooray.


Lokiunder said...

LOL I've had a similar experience....but it was a caterpillar and with me being a boy i just pull it out, laughed, and walked to the canteen counter to claim the full bill being waived and a cookie and coffee. Yep....highlight of my day it was...oh god I'm sad :(

P.S. FireFox is AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krusher said...

Yeah I've got one like that.. a fly baked into the side of a burger :-(

Lokiunder said...