Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not quite sure where this one will turn out...

Oh hi. I just kinda went to my blog, clicked the "new post" button, and found myself typing. Um. I really don't have anything to write about, sometimes i just find myself places that and don't know how i got there. Like today for example, (if you follow me on twitter you might know where this is heading) i got lost. Now, sure, many of us get lost from time to time, but apparently im such an idiot i'll get lost about 5 streets and a main road away from my house. I guess it wasn't really lost, cause i knew how to get out of there, but i toook about 3 wrong turns hoping to make a short cut and ended up in a dead end having to re-trace my steps to find my way home. i really do hate my sense of direction. or lack of. 

there we go, a perfectly good blog post. that was fun, just diving in not knowing where it would be heading. i may do it again sometime. Ok, now my eyes are seriously closing on their own. 


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