Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Guitars and Vampires.

I'm taking a break from my guitar (have I said that I got a guitar on this blog? well, I got one) right now to write because im in that writing mood. I'm having a lot of fun with my guitar actually - getting some progress with one song, and it doesn't sound half bad lol. Although it may sound horrible to anyone but me, in all likelyhood lol. ANNNDD I can almost play Accio Deathly Hallows!! nerdfighter-songs FTW. Thats pretty exciting. I think when I perfect the other song I've taught myself then I'll attempt to make video of it. If it fails then no one has to see it but me hehe. That reminds me, I really need to make some sort of video for my channel. One day people, one day.

I've actually been meaning to write a blog ever since I finished Midnight Sun (well up to chapter 12 anyway) because i need to write some things down about it to myself, that i thought i'd share with whoever reads this. I would say stop reading if you dont want to be spoiled, but honestly i can't give much away - well, actually, i can - but if you've read twilight then you would pretty much know the basic outline of the plot. I more just want to talk about Edward as a character anyway.

So many people (including myself) have said that Edward doesn't have a personality. Well, guess what. After reading Midnight Sun, you'll find that he does in fact have a personality... untill he lays eyes on Bella. He is in love with her to the extent of it being creepy. Sure it sounds cute having Edward watch Bella at night, but this guy is effing obsessed with her and her safetly! I thought it was bad from Bella's perspective, but his every thought is consumed with worrying that she's going to get hurt, and for most of this he has barely spoken to her.
This makes it sound like I hate the book. Nah, it was actually just as good as Twilight, it's just a little intense on that 'vampire in love' aspect. Its great to read, there are so many little pieces that are filled in that you didn't even know were missing, and it all just ties together really nicely.

When Midnight Sun is published, its going to be around 10 times more popular than Twilight, I'll tell ya. I mean, if it was damn hot seeing this vampire from Bella's perspective, then getting into his mind... wow. While, I'll admit, its all pretty much him thinking about another girl, its going to draw in the fangirls, for sure. Who wouldn't want a guy thinking those things about you? Although, becuase its actually written by a woman, its pretty unrealistic - i think i perfer real guys anyway. I've got myself a great one =]. hehe.

aaaand cease rant.


vivaladil said...

I remember when that classic nerd fighter song was released aaaggggeeess ago. Ah good times :)

*Luca* said...

Do i have the one to tell you that midnight sun probably won't be published?? I wish I hadn't been the one to say it, but that's right, Stephenie might not publish it!!!