Friday, January 23, 2009

Just Quickly

Sorry this is a short blog for today because it's 1:08am and I'm tireddddd. But yes, I just quickly wanted to post the link for Silver Sky just in case anyone wanted to read what is there so far (I know at least ONE person wants to... so good enough =])

you can find it here

Sorry if you find this annoying, it's just really really REALLY fantastic to have my work appreciated, even by a small percentage of people. Back to reality tomorrow.


rhys said...

ur crazy.. lol

hi from syd (yer it is actually 3:33 am)

rhys :)


Richard said...

Actually from the comments on your last post there are at least 2 other people apart from me who want to read it :)

lazyage said...

im sure more people will read it but they must have forgotten after all this time