Thursday, January 29, 2009

On a Variety of Topics

While I wait for a song to attach to an email so that i can upload a completely pointless and crap video:

The Heat
In Melbourne and Victoria we are currently facing heat of up to 44.4 degrees Celsius. I'm not sure what that is Fahrenheit. If my phone wasn't broken I could convert it there. Or I could stop being an idiot and use the Internet. OK 111.92 Fahrenheit. Hot yes?? It's driving me insane. Which brings me to point two:

Power Off because of Heat
Yesterday it was just as hot and our power was off for 12 hours. It didn't come on until four AM when my air conditioner from the 80s kicked into life and woke me from a fit full doze and had me stumbling over to my digital alarm clock to set the time so it would stop flashing 12:00 at me. My bedroom is on the second level of our house, I think i would have had about four hours sleep in total, which would be fine usually but:

Today was my last-first-day of school, ever. I'm in Year 12 which means that I'm probably going to pull out all my hair and jump at small noises at some point during the year, but I don't really mind because I know it will be a good one. At my school we have a LOT more freedom than the other year levels. We also have a Year 12 common room with a kitchen, meaning we get air conditioning/heat and food. Plus I have an amazing timetable, most of my spare periods fall either first or last, meaning i can either sleep in or go home early. One day I'm at school for literally two hours in the morning and then i have the whole day off. I'm so happy about this, even though it would be nice to have spares during the school day, because then I might actually study during them. I'm planning on being consistent though, with school work. With Internet time as well:

Silver Sky
So far the feedback I've got from my two new chapters is amazing, I'm glad they are actually liked. Unfortunately because of school new additions will be added slowly, but I'm halfway through typing chapter 18 so that should be up this weekend. I'm sorry to leave a cliff hanger for so long but I can tell you that nothing really gets answered in the next chapter anyway. I'm not a nice author. =].

Oh good I've now managed to send that song to myself. I need to find my USB.


Richard said...

Hi Liv sorry is hot but I have some friends in Adelaide who were doing it worse it was still 40deg at 8:30 last night.. One other small question if the video was so crap and pointless why lower your standard and upload it ? :)

lazyage said...

Hey Liv, i know what you mean, totally melting right now!

hey what subjects are you doing? maybe i can help you lol!

oh yeah, you never did answer our questions from the France blog btw


Richard said...

Hi Liv, I'm sorry that I can't send some cool weather to you currently 24.6 in Sydney and claim the tic tacs but sadly I can't .. I will however pray that you are able to sleep ok tonight :)

João said...

you start school in January in Australia? cool. it's different. september in the northern hemisphere (well, at least here, Portugal).