Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...Is the best country in the world. Come and live here.

But seriously, Hi! I'm home!! As you may have guessed.
I'd say the whole "OMG guys I'm SO sorry I didn't write blog posts while I was there but giant french monkeys tied my hands together so I couldn't type..." but really I'm moving on to what this blog should be about, not what could have been.

France was basically the most terrifying and enriching experience I've ever had, and most likely ever will have because doubtfully I will end up staying in a French family's house for six weeks and attend French school etc etc. The things I have learnt... just too many to describe with words or images.
Something that I discussed with the other girls who went on exchange as well on the plane home (which incidentally was one of my favourite parts) was how hard it is to actually
describe the differences of France and Australia. We all knew what we meant, we'd all gone through the same thing, but none of us could find words to actually specify our experience as a whole.

Of course, I have about a million stories, so when I tell people about my exchange I'm not left telling the same story over and over and over. But I feel like it would be difficult to actually choose one to write here, I mean, for one thing, I'm quite sure that not all the people who read this blog are from Australia, and therefore wouldn't understand the differences because they would have their own differences, which is of course why we go overseas, if there were no differences then why would we ever travel?

So I'm going to leave it at that - for this post anyway - with France talk. What would be great would be to get some questions from you guys, it's a little easier to answer specific questions than to just write something. So I have about 40 followers and possibly more people actually reading this, it would be lovely to get some questions =) even if it's just asking whether the stereotypes are correct, such as the cheese eating (yes) or arrogance (yes) or 'obsessed with sex' (no. at least not the people i was friends with.)


CouCou ^_^


lazyage said...

Hey Liv! Welcome home!

well you already answered one of my questions which disspointed me (guess which =P).
but seriously i have so many others, but i won't bore you. just tell me one place that i must visit in France if (hopefully when) i go there. you know, somewhere of the beaten track if you can think of it.

also when are we gonna see your adventures (making a video soon?)

Cheers, Adrian =)

*Luca* said...

Hi Liv!! I just want to say I looove australians!! lol, I'm an study abroad student in England and the nicest people I've met are australians and not english! hmmm anyway...my question is: was it easy for you to make new friends considering the language differences and everything...because for me, it certainly hasn't...

Marty McFly said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Liv,

WELCOME HOME! I too have been to both France and Australia. The time I spent in both places I cherished greatly. I have to say that France is everyone you would imagine of Europe but so much more! Australia is a whole new world that is beyond magical. As an American, I'm jealous that you get to live in Australia. I hope the jetlag is not too bad.

Maud said...

Hi Liv :)
I'm Maud, I'm from Switzerland (which is right next to France), and I'm on exchange in Melbourne. I'm doing year 12 too (I hate it, haha). I've been here for nine months now, and I'm going home early june :)

I was just wondering how an Australian would experience France... Did it turn out how you thought it would be? Or was it completely different? Did you find the people welcoming? Was your host family interested in your own aussie culture? Did you improve your french? Did you find school harder than in Australia? Do you think Paris really is as cool as everyone thinks it is?

haha sorry, I have a lot of questions... it's just that I luurrve talking about exchange stuff with other exchange students :D

Hope to hear from you soon :D

Maud xo.