Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Tired

chapter 18 of silver sky can be found here

it's really tiring to type this stuff up but i'll get through it eventually. even if it's just one chapter a weekend. meaning that i will be at this for another 12 weeks. ah well.

in other news i now have to go and read two books by monday but thankfully i don't have to read the whole novel for either so yay. i think that puts my total count of books that i am currently reading to five. bloody hell. and i've read about ten so far this year. in a month. thanks to france, some of those were read in 2008 but im cheating and saying i read them in 2009 because france was something separate to my life here and i can count what i read as i wish. 50 books will be a piece of cake this year. i didn't make it last year, and i'm determined to do it.

ok i'm going to go and read and then go to sleep and hope that when i wake up it wont be 40 degrees and australia will be a nice mild 25 or something. that would be lovely.

p.s i'll get around to answering the questions i swear but i'm lazy and as you should all know, i never do things when i say i will. thankfully this isn't the case with school. i hope.


Richard said...

Hi, hope you slept better, a chapter a week for 12 weeks.. 30 chapters..this is an epic journey you are taking us on ... bring it on girl :)

EmilyFlippy said...

I am so excited to be able to read your work Liv.
I hope you get some rest and good luck with that aussie heat, it looks terrible (YouTube vid). =)

-Em <3

creativemachine said...

why don't you just fly on up to brisbane? we're enjoying mild mid to high twenties up here.

Also i know i said it before, but your novel rocks... so far. Chapter 17 blew me away. ~goes to read chapter 18~

Richard said...

Then you need to learn to Say no, the sooner you learn this important skill, the better off you will be :)

Michelle said...

Are you doing Kristina's 2008 50 book in a year challenge? I'm at it too, though I don't really have any worries that I shan't make it.

Australia is too hot!

Richard said...

if they have a broadband connection you could take your laptop and give us Chapter 19 :)