Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've been thinking about change lately, and wondering whether it really happened to me. When I actually think about it, then yes, I have changed from my French exchange, and I think in a good way. Being away from home in a country where they don't generally speak your language and you have a host family that could be a little warmer... well basically, you have to grow up. And really, that scares me because in so many ways I didn't want to come back any different, yet the way that I see life now is different. I think this is a good thing, though.

Another change is that I hadn't really been broadcasting my life for six weeks. The occasional twitter update or blog post (cause we all know how many of those we got...) didn't count. And I actually really liked that. I know I'm going to continue on with Youtube, it's way too much a part of my life to give up now (and I may be involved with something that may or may not happen so I won't say anything, but if it happens then I definitely will be doin' a lot of youtubin'). I'm finding it easier not to spend mindless hours in front of my screen, I've done what I needed to do and gotten off. Something that I'm going to maintain because I am starting Year 12 in a week (ARGH) and computer time will have to be limited a little.

I've also, finally, stopped 'thanking subscribers'. I mean, I definitely made it far, 2000+ and i'd thanked each and every one of them. But it takes up SOOO much time and I really can't afford to do that anymore. It's hard to kick the habit though. And I feel bad. But I don't think people actually care so... yeah

I'm not sure if i mentioned this or not, but while in France I had a *lot* of time on my hands during the school hours. I guess I could have listened a little, and I did try, but we had the problem of all the subjects being either Science or Maths, and so even if the classes were in English I wouldn't have understood a thing. So I worked my way through 8 books, and after the French school holidays I finished Silver Sky, which is a novel I started for National Novel Writing Month, for those who don't know. I wrote 22,000 words over ten days, handwritten. I have to say I'm proud of myself, it took me around a month to get 27,000 words for NaNoWriMo, and that was on a computer. I wrote so much because there was nothing else to do... and believe me, I got sick of it. So sick of it that I wanted to scream.

Anyway, if I find time then I will type that up and post it if anyone is interested, and answer your questions in my next blog. K?

Now think I have to go to sleep, I still get tired around 10:00pm which I guess is good but holidays are for staying up till 2am and sleeping till 12. Ah well.


Richard said...

Hi Liv, Sounds like this change was a good one. I hope we do see the completed silver sky, your time in France must have given you lots of material for it.
Having looked at your Youtube collection I actually think you express yourself much better in writing but hey that's only my opinion :)

lazyage said...

Hey Liv, im soooo happy to hear that you finished Silver Sky. I can't wait to read it =)

creativemachine said...

i'd really like to read it too liv... do you just read it on the nanowrimo site?