Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wow. i really do suck

You really know that you're not dedicated when you don't update a blog for two months. TWO MONTHS. really Liv? really?
I actually think that i have attempted a couple of times, and either gotten side-tracked or just didn't like what i was writing. Either way, shame on me. Maybe if i make it out to be a bigger deal than it actually is (like im doing now) i'll actually motivate myself to post more blogs. ok.

So, well, as i can't really summarise a whole two months the long way, cause you might be reading for a while, i'll just do it like this:

- went to school. it was fun
- went to school again. not so much fun
- went on youtube. many times
- saw chris. not as much as i'd like
- helped out with the twilight website (its really coming along)
- read books
- started vloglovers
- saw friends
- had exams (at this point i wanted to shoot myself. lucky for this blog i didnt)

and now, school holidays. yess. three weeks, and that makes me very happy, becuase this was a veryveryvery long school term, and its like that because the olympics stuff everything up, and therefore i hate the olympics.

yeah, so right now im waiting for a video for my channel to upload, and its really taking its sweet time, and so im trying to think of something interesting to put in my next vloglovers video, but so far i cant think of anything, at least nothing that will beat chris' little sparkle pop stunt. dammit.

maybe i should talk about how funny he is drunk. i so should have recorded him just now. ah well.

maybe another little something coming this way soon, otherwise, see you all in two months.


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