Thursday, July 3, 2008

so much to write down

So wow ok i really have a lot of stuff to say, but my mind is going at like 200km per minute and so it'd seem that my thoughts dont want to be organised. But i will try. If this doesnt make sense then im sorry. So, yay im making a blog not so long after my last one yesssss. I'd check exactly how many days but that'd mean that i would have to stop typing, and then i'd probably forget a whole lot of stuff, although im pretty sure i've forgotten everything anyway.

Its like 7:30pm and i only JUST got home from my beach house, which shouldnt even be called a beach house right now, i mean, it was way to freaking cold to even step outside, let alone actually GO to the beach. But my mother is crazy, and thought it would be nice. At least i managed to talk both her and my little sister out of staying another night, they both wanted to, but i think i would have gone insane if we had. It usually is way more bareable, cause usually, i kinda take my laptop and i maybe used my neighbors wireless... but that hypothetical internet did not seem to want to hypothetically work this time, so i had no internet. And then, this morning, my phone died, so if i had stayed another night, i wouldn't have been able to talk to Chris, and that would suck. That reminds me, i need to call him back.

Another reason i really couldnt stay at the "beach house" was becuase i need to make my vloglovers video, and i would have been able to upload it. Dammit, i said i would actually make an effort for my video this week, but theres no time. grrrrr. another boring vlog. oh well. I promise that next weeks will be good. i hope.

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