Friday, July 11, 2008

post birthday blog

~note to self. txt zoe at 12:00~

Ok, considering i've already written a huge rant today (in which i totally abused my power as a member of the staff at to state my opinion, but whatever, too many people are complaining about this awesome picture at the bottem of this post), im going to keep this short, im all typed out. So now i am officially 17, and that makes me happy, as much as im going to want to be younger in the next couple of years, at the moment i dont mind growing older. Plus, birthdays are nice, you get stuff. =]. I had more stuff to say, but i forgot just now cause i got up and forgot i was writing this.

(I love this picture)

1 comment:

Untouched0Magic said...

Hairy chested males....
Hannah told me what you said in the podcast.
tisk, tisk.

But I thought the picture was amazing and I can't for the life of me, find a freaking Entertainment Weekly magazine!