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i've actually had a pretty productive day. Although, i didn't really do all that much. And now, im really bored, so i'm writing this. Probably should be reading. Thats what i think i'll do next. I went and checked the staff email for, and read an email from the lovely Hannah, informing us all that our Character Bio's are due in tomorrow, so i had a small freak out and got right into it. We all had two characters each, and i guess mine were quite easy, Alice and Esme, which are pretty awesome characters. And if anyone doesnt know what im talking about when i say Alice and Esme, heres who they are (if you can be bothered to read it)


Full Name:
Mary Alice Brandon when she was a human, but known as Alice Cullen ATB (After The Bite). Alice’s name was changed to fit the “Adopted Daughter” image that she gained after becoming a member of the Cullen Family

Known As (Nicknames): Alice

Gender: Female

Date of Birth (in () put how old tech.): Alice’s real date of birth is unknown, as is most of her actual human life. It was found that she spent the majority of her human life in an asylum, because of her ‘visions’, that perceived her to the humans of that time as crazy. However, it is later estimated that she was born in 1901, in Biloxi, Mississippi

Date of Creation: The date of Alice’s creation is also unknown, however, it was before the 1950’s, which is when she and Jasper found Carlisle. Alice was created by an old Vampire who worked at the asylum, in order to protect her from the murderous tracker, James, who had a strong affiliation to Alice’s blood, similar to how Bella’s blood calls to Edward.

Distinguishing Characteristics: When described, Alice is always professed as very short, and extremely graceful – not to mention fast. At 4’10’’, Alice has short black hair and is described as pixie-like. Alice’s eyes, like all the Cullen Vampires, are Gold, sometimes black, to show her hunger.

Heritage: American – born in Mississippi

Family: Human family unknown, ATB family consists of Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmet Cullen, Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale and soon to be (hopefully) Bella Cullen.

Origin/Ethnicity: Unknown

First Appearance: Alice’s first appearance is in Twilight, and is seen sitting at the Cafeteria at Forks High, sharing a table with her “brothers and sisters”. Alice is seen by Bella Swan, and is described briefly, as Bella’s attention is elsewhere.

Gifts/Talents: Alice’s Gift, apart from the usual traits of a vampire (incredible beauty, strength, velocity etc) is to see the future, through visions. Usually seeming random, sometimes Alice is able to bring on a vision herself, but that is not always successful. All of Alice’s visions come true, unless events in the present alter the future.

Car: Alice’s car is unknown (I think) before Eclipse, when Edward buys Alice a Yellow Porsche, to bribe her into keeping an eye on Bella.

Alice’s personality is a fun and bubbly one, very energetic, but also slightly stubborn. She is kind, and has a very amusing sense of humor.

Actor: Ashley Greene

General: Alice is a very lovable character, one who can show her own, despite her size. She is lively, and has an incredible fashion sense, and therefore a tenancy to shop, a lot.


Full Name: Esme Cullen (real name unknown)

Known As (Nicknames): Esme (Ez-may)

Gender: Female

Date of Birth (in () put how old tech.): Real date unknown

Date of Creation: Also unknown, estimate around 1920’s, 1930’s

Distinguishing Characteristics: Esme Cullen has long brown hair and she is of a medium height, she is described as very motherly looking – very warm and inviting.

Heritage: unknown

Family: Esme had a son before she was a vampire, but he died from a lung infection. Her family is now the Cullen family, and Carlisle is her husband.

Origin/Ethnicity: unknown

First Appearance: Esme first appears in Twilight, when Edward takes Bella to his home for the first time, where she has met the whole family except for Esme.

Gifts/Talents: Esme’s talent is her loving and nurturing nature. It is an ability to love anyone at all in a motherly fashion.

Car: unknown

Personality: Very motherly, and extremely kind and forgiving. Seems to see the good in everyone.

Actor: Elizabeth Reaser

Esme is the mother of the Cullen family, and loves all her vampire children as if they were her own, and shows Bella that she will lover her like a daughter when she becomes a part of her family.

I'm such a nerdfighter.


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