Friday, July 18, 2008

twitter is down. so i came here

I just saw the new twilight trailer and it makes me want to go and scream at whoever is in charge of when movies are released in Australia and tell them to give it to us on the 12th of December like the rest of the world. Not that I'd actually be in the country at that time, I'm not even sure if i'll be here when its released in January... maybe i get back from France a week after or something. By the way, i haven't mentioned this before, but I'm going on exchange to France for 6 weeks at the end of the year. Yeah.

I am so incredibly happy that its the weekend. I really feel like sleep right now, but I'm going out to dinner with the rents and siblings, oh yay. I'm not even hungry.


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I read your comment about the twilight release date, here in Holland it's also comming in January :( So I also have to wait a month to see the movie:(