Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today in French

So in French today we had an assessment task that i didn't even know was on, in which we had to write around 250 words of pure french in an essay. Now, I'm not sure how many people have tried this without either being fluent or extremely good at the language, but you would probably know that its quite hard. Especially when the topic that i stupidly chose was "You are a French Director trying to pitch a Movie idea to Hollywood. Write a short story starting with the words 'Once upon a time...' as your movie idea" or something like that. So, while i would say that i can be semi-creative while writing in English, trying to come up with some sort of story in French, was soooo hard. And what did i end up with?

A story about a 6 year old boy with blue eyes and blond hair who doesn't speak at all. I named him Bruyant, which means 'loud' in french. lol. Well, i thought it sounded like a cool name. Anyway, one day Bruyant was playing with his favourite toy rabbit (named Carotte =] ) when the stuffed animal suddenly comes to life and informs little Bruyant that he must follow him to his house so that he can get his voice back. After running away scared, Bruyant decides to follow his little friend. Carotte leads him to a train station. It looks like they are going to enter... but no! They don't go to board a train as expected! Walking forward, they fall down a rabbit hole, and Bryuant, being so terribly frightened screams "NOOOOOO".

Rien (Nothing)

And then. guess what? it was all a dream :P he could speak anyway.

So, who would love to see that as a movie?? cough cough. I don't even think that story made sense in French... here's hoping.

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emily said...

Liv, tht story was ADORABLE, even though, yeah... maybe not a movie? lol I loved the naming of the silent (but actually not) bruyant.
I hope you did well!
-emily =)