Tuesday, August 12, 2008

(I'm about to) Break

While I take a break from the insanity which is my study, I thought I would write stuff down here because at the moment I'm seriously on the edge of a mental breakdown. So i thought hey, better let some of those feelings out or there will be no Liv. Because Liv would then most probably jump out of her 2nd story bedroom to the perils below. And now Liv will stop talking in third person. I seriously don't know where that came from. See, i really, really, need to vent.

So, as I have no idea on what I'm actually going to write, I give you permission to leave and not actually finish this blog. Because I know that sometimes it can be like, omg, this girl is so stupid with her ramblings and her inconsequentials (I'm not even sure if that's in the right context but whatever, my blog, my grammar rules =P) ((not that I would expect you to actually stay if i didn't give permission to leave...you dont need permission to stop reading by blogs... ah lol)).

So perhaps I should start by explaining why I'm actually in this mess. Well, because I was sick alllllll of last week, I missed a ton of school, and also a SAC, which is a pretty important test in Australia cause its a year 12 level test thing and I wont go into it because that will take forever (explaining the Australian school system to non-Aussies takes a very very very long time, not that I don't actually mind doing it, its just that that's not what this blog is about). Anyway, the subject is Legal Studies, and right now I can tell you anything you want to know about Australia's adversary system, or the standard of proof, or the elements of our bail and remand system - you see my point. While I do find it really interesting, I just seriously am freaking out because it is TOMORROW and half the information does not want to stay in my head. Argh.

Plus, I am soo tired its ridiculous, I have a headache every single time I look at the word 'sanction', and i miss my boyfriend like crazy cause I haven't seen him in a week and a half and it makes me want to strangle whoever decided not to invent a cure for glandular fever.

Oh wow, that's a lot of complaining. Well, like I said, I have a lot to vent, as you can probably see. I really even feel like going into more detail (lucky for you i wont =P), but i just looked at the clock and realised that my break time is pretty much up, back to studying like an idiot. that sounds strange. hmmm.


Kat said...

Do not worry.

I have not seen my boyfriend in more than 4 weeks now and won't for another 5 or 6. Damn the distance part of a long distance relationship.

All in the name of nerdfighter-like though. :D

sarahheartsny said...

Eww, Year 12.
I remember that feeling =P

Don't worry, next year you'll have the inevitable realisation that it was all just a waste of time, stress and energy. The world keeps spinning regardless of your ENTER, I promise!

Leah said...

Year 12 is bleh. I missed a SAC last year, in year 11, and my doctor asked if I wanted one for a couple of weeks ago but I said no, because I hate to reschedule them.