Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keeping it some-what real

Oh, the blogosphere. How I've wanted to return many a time, but didn't. I am a creature of laziness: the very idea of sitting down to 'type stuff' again was too much for my tiny brain to comprehend. 'Words?' It said, 'Why on earth would you want to make those?' (I understand that by talking to myself I was in fact making words... this isn't really going anywhere).

I don't even know if this is me returning... I mean, I've long ago proved that my dedication to keeping a consistent online presence can be either super committed(!) or non-existent. I think what I needed was a break for all of this. Putting my life out there with various degrees of openness eventually got to me and I needed to stop. The blog, my videos, my whole internet life came to a halt (minus twitter and facebook and tumblr) because it was all too much. Plus, I was a lot younger than I am now. Looking back, I see a massive change in my personality, my maturity, and my view on life in general.

Writing is something I intend to study over the next two years and yet over the past year I couldn't even write for the sake of writing. I think I had become too caught up in the whoosits and whatsits of the internet (WHO is reading my blog and WHAT should I write to keep them entertained?) when I really should have been writing whatever the hell I wanted. Whether this is read by 200 people or just by myself shouldn't be important. I want to write for the pleasure of putting words together and leaving them here forever (because we all know that whatever mark you leave on the internet will be an annoyingly-irremovable stain in techno-world). If I am lucky enough to have someone interested enough to keep reading what I have to say, then that is just a fantastic bonus.

What I want now is to keep a consistent journal for myself first, and secondly for anyone who wants to read what I have to say. There is no point hiding from a world that has so much to offer. Thoughts and experiences should be recorded. Here, I will leave some of mine.

Right! Now that's out of the way, how has everyone been? (Are you still there?)


Michelle said...

I'm totally still here; well, you're still in my google reader. I feel you on the writing front. I keep starting blog posts, or articles or bits of writing, but then I become too critical and worry it's not entertaining at all, so I stop. It's sad. I am pleased that you have returned - perhaps I ought to do the same.

Cristina said...

Hayyy. I'm glad you've made a return to blogging; you write so well. Look forward to reading stuff! (You never know, it could be really helpful for creative non-fiction. :P)

Anonymous said...

Real good, but miss you. :)

creativemachine said...

Still here. Gotta admit, it was a pleasant surprise seeing you in my google reader. Hope all is well :)