Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Cough With HACK-itude.

I'm sick at the moment. I've had a cough + mild fever for about a week and a half, and yesterday I finally started taking antibiotics to get fixed. Apparently that cliche "things always get worse before they get better" decided to become literal and KILL ME. My doctor step-dad confidently said the medication will start working straight away, but that I will still have a reaction (i.e the cough).

This cough wants to fight. It's realised I am being cured and has said HEY, BITCH, NO ONE GETS RID OF ME! Consequentially, I spent most of today lying on the floor not being able to breath or talk, my eyes and nose streaming, my throat aching from the effort of not splitting open.

My parents were both out today, but my sister stepped up in a rare bout of attentiveness and looked after me. She went and bought some cough syrup which tasted like fairies and worked some of its own magic.

I can't express how helpless and vulnerable I felt before she aided me. Being unable to even call for help was a little terrifying (although, my thunderous hacking was a help-signal on its own), especially when I couldn't think straight or even move. I guess I just appreciate that my little sister can come out of her 'YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME' universe and help her sister not cough up a lung.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Liv good to see you started blogging again... Well, not really, but sorta. Hope uni is going well, im sure it is, you’re an uber smart girl :) Sambucol is AWESOME for cold and flu.