Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbye 4am, Need I Never See You Again

I'm being mildly consistent with this. Whoo!

I've been working at a pub for about three months now. I learned how to pour a proper beer (not as easy as it looks), mix certain drinks and, where appropriate, when to cut certain sleazy men off after they come up and slur, "Eyyyy wanna make me annotther beeer sweetheart?" Regardless of that aspect, working as a bartender has actually been my favourite jobs so far.

Unfortunately, there have been two major problems:

1. The usual knock off time is 4am. FOUR IN THE MORNING. With this finish time, it was normal for me to start work at 10pm which meant I completely screwed myself over trying to keep to a human sleeping pattern (at which I failed miserably). I'd wake up at 1pm, 2pm, or even 3pm, eat 'breakfast,' then I'd have a couple of hours to watch tv or see friends and what not, and then I'd be back off to work again. Lovely.

2. The bar is home to a manager from HELL. He is a horrible person with disgustingly harsh, unforgiving, and unreasonable ways. A person with a temperament of such awful standards that he should not be allowed to manage twentysomethingyearolds when he has an unhealthy grudge against all of human-kind. He's bitter, he's mean - and in no way am I exaggerating. One shift I was found crying in the fridge after he screamed at me in front of customers for making a mistake (after not being taught the appropriate procedure in the first place).

Anyway, today I quit! Good riddance.
I'm actually still waiting to hear about another position I've been undertaking interviews for, so fingers crossed I actually get it. Even if I don't, I won't regret leaving the bar. I'm not the type of person to stick around a place where the staff are treated so poorly. I'm going to miss sooo much working with some of my best friends.

I know I'm not alone in work-horror stories. I suppose they at least give people something to complain about. I'd love to hear some of yours!


Anonymous said...

I love bartending. it's fun but sometimes it's a pain. congrats on quitting and best wishes on the new job prospect.

BergurAD said...

I really sympathize with you regarding that *** manager - I like your writing, will be following you :)

creativemachine said...

My first job was working at a toy store. Ok for a good portion of the year, but the whole place transforms into a technicolor hell around christmas time. At one point I was serving about 4 separate customers on the floor (they kept catching me as I was going to get answers for the previous ones) and taking 2 phone calls. I was going really well that shift, I hadn't missed a single customer. Then. because of complete overload (I was about 16 at the time, mind you) I missed one. Usually things like this just slip through the cracks, BUT just as I was coming out to take my lunch break, she was standing RIGHT THERE at the service counter. She pulled me up, made me feel terrible, then told my boss, who made me feel even more terrible.
I stayed on because I needed the work, but it wasn't long after that I quit to "focus on my studies". Good riddance.