Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Of all the days my body decides to catch a cold, it has to be the day we're doing Pride and Prejudice in Lit. I mean, sure, when we did three weeks straight of Romantic Poetry, I was fine (the topic sounds a lot better than actually it was. I wasn't interested at all in what we learned, despite my love of the Romantics).
But now I won't be able to hear about how my rather pretentious lecturer feels about Mr Darcy. Which is really the only reason I'd want to go.
Not really.

A lot of people seemed interested in what I'm studying at Uni. In short, it's an Arts course. I'm hoping to double major in Creative Writing and Media and Communications, if I still feel like it next year. Uni is alright... half my subjects this semester are either boring or completely shot my expectations, but I adore creative writing, and music psychology.

And that's all my sick brain can throw at you guys today. Sorry!!


Richard said...

Hi Liv, Sorry to hear you are sick :(
I'll pray for a quick recovery :)

Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

get better soon :)

James said...

Arts is the thing that people do because they like it but not because it leads to $ so if your not really liking it..

Racine Fontenele said...