Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Hai, I'm Liv

Yes, it's true. You're not imagining this popping up in your Google Reader/RSS/Blogspot/whatever. I'm blogging. I don't even know who actually will read this anymore... but by chance I opened this page and am typing to you all - whoever you are.
My excuses (ah, the excuses) are that I've been distancing myself from the internet of late (some of you may have noticed I've privated my Liiv7 videos and don't really have much of an online presence these days); I've been going through the whole transition from school to uni and because of the distancing, haven't thought about blogging; I write (well, used to write) in a physical journal sometimes, and that fulled my need to express myself through literary form. But now, I want to relocate back here again.

It's true that this is my only blog post since, um, how many months have I been away? 6 -7 MONTHS?! Wow. That's weird. I didn't even think it was that long.
So a lot has happened since then, and I'm not going to fill you all in because that would take too long. Maybe if you guys have any questions about what I've been up to, you can ask me in zee comments? It would be lovely to hear from you.

I think I'll keep this short and sweet, and I'm assuming my next post will be more interesting/informative/readable.


Michelle said...

Glad you're back :) Tell us about university! I'm starting this year as well. What are you studying? Are you enjoying it? Etc.


Conor said...

Liv! :O Heyy! Whats going on, glad to hear you're loving Uni! I hear there's a trip to Europe coming up.... when are you going?? Where are you going??

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you again.

Are you distancing yourself from the Internet because Uni is keeping you busy or because you don't want to be as involved?

Pops. said...

How are you?

Ma'ña Bräu Jedi Warrior said...

I just figured you'd found a life! :-D

Anonymous said...

Glad that the blog is back. Mine nearly got me in hot water over that election. Golly it took three weeks to find out who won and there have been machinations and bruised egos since. Don't go into politics, Ma'am:)


super_rob99 said...

hi liv,
great to see your post, looking forward to more.
Do politics , it rocks, well my world.

Richard said...

Hi Liv, yes do tell us about Uni and what you are studying

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Anonymous said...

must be love, keeping you away from me, keeping you away