Thursday, July 16, 2009

Um. Hi?

I know, I didn't Blog Every Day Where Possible. I ran out of the excuse of "it's not possible" after perhaps the third day. Basically, I didn't have anything to write about. When I did have something to write about, I was either a) actually too busy, b) too tired or c) I wrote it in my physical diary/notebook in which I'm now making daily entries. So far I've kept it pretty steady; if I miss a day, I just write two pages the next one. Why I've moved to handwriting rather than blogging is because I need to get used to handwriting, at least for the end of school. It's becoming serious, this education of mine, and I've had to start actually putting extra effort in wherever possible. But anyway, enough blah blah blah, I should write something better than this. It has been a while.

So, these holidays weren't really spent doing much, at least for the first two weeks. Week three was insane. I was exhausted. I slept when I could and tried to fit in reading but even then I couldn't manage much. I had 9-5 musical rehearsals Monday-Friday and Sunday. I also had three 18ths to attend. One of them was my own (I had a lovely time ^_^). They were still so much fun, despite being so demanding.

For my birthday I got a macbook pro. I can't believe I ever functioned with a PC. And I used to be a defender of PCs, quite a proud one too! I think I wrote a blog post about something like this :S I can't remember! But anyway, it's amazing, I can make superquick videos (assuming that I learn how to use iMovie :P) and on that note:

I am now posting weekly videos! Except, not on my own channel. Ahem.

I've joined a collab channel, along with Min and Sarah , that is focusing on popculture. My section is books ^_^ take a look, it began this week! I'm so excited about it!!!!

Alright, I would love to promise that I'll post more regularly but I don't want to, in case I have to break that =[

Now I have to go do homework.

I would like school to be finished now.



Pops. said...

glad your back liv

Anonymous said...

Liv, I am enjoying your new project, entertaining and very clever. I hope you are not piling your plate too high, you will need to save your capacity to bare stress for year 12 :P

Anonymous said...

Your marks will be better if you get adequate sleep and have low stress, don’t overdo it :)(obviously this relates to your daily booth).

A tip If you want your mind to rest and relieve stress. Just focus on one thing happening around you in the present (it could be a clock ticking or trees blowing in the wind etc..), and in a quiet environment. Keep your stream of consciousness empty other than that. It works for a lot of people :)