Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl Band

I remember back when I was in grade 2 and 3 my two friends and I had a dream. Well, really, my friend Madeline and I had the dream. Meg was allowed to join after we found out she had more talent than the both of us put together.

I'm not sure what inspired us, but I'm assuming it was either Britney Spears (our focused obsession at the time) or The Spice Girls, who give us the idea of creating a Girl Band. We wanted to be famous. Sing in front of other people. We began planning, our eager little minds buzzing at the prospect of Making IT. Our steps were guided by a small paperback novella entitled something like "How to form a GIRL BAND" or "CHICKY BABIES KNOW HOW TO ROCK!" It provided us with the steps to success:

1. Find members (check)

2. Find motivation (...check)

3. Find a look:

Our look consisted of many layers of purple eye shadow and a lipstick which would've been happy on a corner turning tricks. Unfortunately. We discussed the possibility of each taking on a persona, a la Spice, but after too many fights over who would get to be "the cute, girly one" we ditched the idea. We would just have to submit to glitter, gold and overly large high heels stolen from our mothers.

We had our look.

4. Find a name:
The name-finding eventually turned out to be our downfall (but let's not skip ahead). The Book provided us with a list of random words, of which we were supposed find a name by writing them down on torn pieces of paper and pulling them out of a hat. The list contained (but was not limited to) words like the following:

Ice. Groovy. Babies. Chickies. Spunky. Kittens. Sugar. Awesome. Sparkle. Cool.

I'm sure you get the idea.

We slaved over our pieces of paper, creating the perfectly squared slices of our future. Scrawled over each sliver was a name, written with care, (any mistakes made were thrown in the rubbish).

And so, we piled our precious, promising words into a pile on the floor, after being unable to find a hat. We closed our eyes, wished, and each withdrew a word.

"Ok," Madeline said, always the leader, "Open them up! We are: The Kittens..."
"Cool!" I screamed
"Spunky!" yelled Meg with vigor. We looked at each other, our smiles radiating off our little faces.

The Kittens Cool Spunky.

Slowly, our smiles faded to be replaced by disappointment; our plan had failed. We returned to the book.

5. Get song writin'!
We decided our first concert would be to our grade 2/3 class, at lunch the day after the failed name ceremony. We would come up with a name after we'd performed at our first 'gig' - the book was wrong. So, Madeline assigned me to be the Song Writer. I eagerly took up the task, willingly pulling towards me a fresh pile of paper after the two girls had left my house. I wrote my heart out.

Now, shifting away from the story for a moment, I would just like to state how sad I am I don't still have a copy of this song. It was pretty brilliant. I mean, who else can come up with the words:

ooooh, ohhhhh,
I wish you'd cry for me.
die for me,
Jump through hoops and sing for me,
ooooh, ooooohhhh.

You get the idea. Man I was original.

Our concert received many a clapping hand before the kids turned back to their game of four square, and we were left with buzzing veins and a thirst for more. We consulted the book:

6. Stick it out! You never know what will happen!

What? No agency numbers? No details on how to call talent scouts?

We decided that maybe we were a lost cause.

We couldn't even come up with a good name!!

My point is that I could never write lyrics then and I'm seriously wondering how I'm going to write decent poetry in my literature SAC on Monday.

Hope you enjoyed =]


Richard said...

Loved it :)

Nick said...

Hehe, I did the same thing! ^-^

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Pops. said...

brilliant, the song, brilliant. might have to use it in one of mine. :P

Anonymous said...

comment on the Picture #167, dailybooth: so that day was the hottest-chilli's day?

Lénaïc said...

qu'est-ce que tu racontes comme connerieS ?

RjB said...

LOL!!! this is such a flashback for me and I'd say most people...

The days of where imagination was the only comprehension of reality...

If anyone knows Adam Sandler? Can you get him to send me the remote from Click I saw his bad results from using it but that device really would be good to review the old dayz!!!..

BTW// Love your YouTUBE channel w Poprepublic...

Anonymous said...

minuteforce said...

-- if you feel you're having trouble writing for literature SAC ...

"Stick it out! You never know what will happen!" ;D that made me laugh.

but, still, i'm sure you'll do fine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liv congrats on getting your license, that is really fantastic :)
And if you don't think its cool driving with a big P on the car, you could always put two dots infront of the P to make them :P plates, I think that would suit you :)

Anonymous said...

This is not for kids

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