Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Summer.

So like I said in my previous, rather short, post: I haven't been up to much. Really, the idea of sitting down and writing something of interest just wasn't possible, because I've entered that moment in the holidays when you simply NEED to get back to whatever you've been holidaying from. In my case, uni (and I guess technically work. That position I was waiting to hear from? I'm still waiting. Sigh). I definitely need to be forced to think again, because right now my brain feels like sludge. Uni will be a nice change! Luckily, I've only felt bored for about two weeks, so I had a good three-and-a-half months of carefree holiday fun.

Expect better things in about a week. Promise.


Richard said...

Hi Liv, nice to see you back again. You do write very eloquently when the inspiration comes

Inspector Clouseau said...

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